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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Happy Father's Day 2019: Father's letter to son, you have to be moving, not wandering for speed

Father's Day Special

Son wants a legion ..!

Life should be luminous, do not be like speed like light son ..! The observed direction is not the direction of reality. Calculation of estimation. We live in the direction of directions between directions. From around 19 miles per second, the sun revolves around to the earth. The appearance between reality and reality between the intuition Misery of religion and false in philosophy. The big interesting expanse is the son But is amazing ..!

Stories of competitions, voices of much-wanted desires, the uneasiness of fast moving forward and a stir of ambitions Everything here is in speed. It is quick to sleep, to get up early, to eat fast, to return faster, to meet is fast and to cross quickly.

Father's letter to son

I often tell you where to reach? For whom to be? What's going to happen and why? There is a goal here and there. Between the planets and the universe, between a rhythm, the earth, and the sun. We live in that rhythm. Keep decreasing. Away from implantation Slow down with the rhythm, not the speed, not the speed You have to be moving, it is not going to compete for speed.

Who has risen across the world of rays and waves? Whether the radio wave is gamma rays or the light rays, what will be the speed of their motion in the universe? But velocity is fine but it is also finite. Can be measured then. More than 2 lakh per second rotating account. Everything in this infinite unlimited universe is also finite.

The earth was seen, the sun saw, the solar system, the galaxies, the group of galaxies, and after that countless stars, this is infinite, it is unlimited. Dipped in the ocean of wonder. The civilizations understood from knowing and knowing, and there was an understanding of meanness between the infinite.

There is everything in perception. Stable and patient ..!
You stay in perception and in perception

Everything else is going to be ..!

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