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Monday, June 17, 2019

Samsung again canceled launches of the Galaxy Fold, the pre-booking company is returning the money

Launch of galaxy fold has been cancelled

In the US, ATNT canceled the pre-order, said, Samsung is not providing the device

Sales of Samsung smartphones worldwide is decreased in 2018 It was reported that due to lack of special development in technology, sales have declined. It was expected that this year the launch of the smart and fashionable smartphone will change the trend and the smartphone market will get accelerated. At the moment, this hope seems bleak.

The Korean company "Samsung" announced the introduction of the Foldable Smartphone Galaxy Fold in February. It was to be launched in April. Tech Experts has reviewed it and revealed screen as a weakness. The screen of this phone was breaking after using it a few times. After this Samsung suspended the launch until July. Now the news is that Samsung is not going to launch this phone in July. It will not be available for sale until all its drawbacks are gone.

In July, Samsung Galaxy Fold device is not being launched came from the stand of American mobile service provider ATNT. ATNT has canceled all pre-booking of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The company who sent the pre-booking was informing them by sending a message to them. ATNT has said in the message, "Samsung is not providing the Samsung Galaxy Fold phones on time. Therefore, we are canceling its pre-booking. "

ATNT is also offering a gift voucher of $ 100 (about 7 thousand rupees) to those who make pre-booking to avoid the displeasure of the people. This voucher can be redeemed later. It is not yet decided how long the Galaxy Fold smartphone will be launching. Samsung Co-CEO DJ Koh had said last month, "We have found some flaws in the Samsung Galaxy Fold. We hope that soon we will remove these shortcomings and present a good product to the consumers. "

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