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Sunday, June 16, 2019

The illegal work done on Whatsapp can take you in legal court action

Whatsaap had taken legal action

Users who misuse instant messaging services. WhatsApp can now take you to court. Whatsapp has given this useful information through its FAQ post. 

WhatsApp says that if users sending or forwarding any messages to a number of people together, for sending automated messages to violate any of the terms and conditions, then legal action can be taken against those people.

From 7th December action will be taken

Whatsapp said in its FAQ page 'Unauthorized Usage of Whatsapp Policy', that any user or institution who will send big messages or send an automated message together, they will have to face legal proceedings since 7 December.

 However, Whatsapp has not made it clear what kind of legal action he will take on that user. Be noticed not to forward any bulk messages while using it.

WhatsApp Decision

WhatsApp has made several changes to its app to prevent it from faked news and rumors to become it viral fast. Due to changes in the app's forwarding feature, users can now send a message to a maximum of 5 (five) people at the same time. 

Even after adding this prevention, some users are sending huge messages through cloning apps and make use of software and tools. After which WhatsApp has decided to take legal action on those users who forward bulk messages.

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