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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The United State 'started cyber-attack on Iran weapons systems'

The United State launched cyber attack

The United State started a cyber-attack on Iranian weapons systems on Thursday as President Trump drags out of air strikes on the country, United State reports say.

The cyber-attack immobilized computer systems controlling rocket and rocket launchers, the Washington Post said.

It was in revenge for the shooting down of a US drone as well as attacks on oil containers that the US has finger Iran for, the New York Times stated.

There is no independent proof of damage to Iranian systems.

The United State has also imposed a penalty, President Trump described as "major".

He said the sanctions were needed to disallow Iran from achieving nuclear weapons, and economic pressure would be maintained unless Tehran changed course.

Speaking in Jerusalem, US National Security Mentor John Bolton said the details of the new sanctions were likely to report on Monday.

Noone had permit Iran "a hunting license in the Middle East," he added.

Tensions between the US and Iran have arisen since the US last year drag out of a 2015 nuclear treaty between Iran and world powers and reinstated sanctions, triggering an economic break down in Iran.

Last week Iran said it would transcend internationally agreed limits on its nuclear program.

Mr. Trump has said he does not want war with Iran but forewarn the country would face "obliteration" if disagreement broke out.

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